Getting Windshields Repaired Right Away

The Dangers And Hassles Of Driving Your Vehicle With A Busted Windshield To A Repair Shop

Driving your vehicle around when it already has a damaged windshield is dangerous enough. If your windshield is so badly damaged that it has started to shatter and fall inward, you have a very dangerous situation on your hands. Here is why driving with a windshield in this condition to a windshield repair shop is more dangerous and problematic than you may realize.

Wind Speed and Flying Glass

Driving any vehicle creates wind speed and pressure over the surface of the car and against the windshield. With the windshield already dropping bits of glass inside your vehicle, driving it with wind beating at it creates enough pressure to push more of the broken glass inward. If you are going really fast, these shards become projectiles, flying at you at the same speed of wind pressure that is currently hitting the exterior of your car. Even if you are the only one in the vehicle, you are taking some serious risks with becoming sliced and scratched up by these bits of glass.

Bigger Dangers in a Car Crash

Yes, your windshield is already damaged, but in an accident, all of that glass can shake loose and come flying right at you. The windshield could also shatter all the way and project outward, sending glass everywhere ahead of you. Glass inward injures you. Glass outward injures other people. Either way, the end result is not good.

If the Police Stop You

Because a broken windshield in this bad of shape is a major danger to the public (and you), the police can pull you over and make you leave the vehicle. They can also force you to call a tow, or call a tow and make you pay for it. In some cities and states, it is also a crime to drive a vehicle in this condition, in which case the police could write you a ticket.

Skip the Dangers and Hassles

Skip the dangers and hassles. If you cannot afford a tow to the windshield repair shop, find out if they offer mobile windshield repair services. Then you can stay right where you are with your vehicle, and the repair technician comes to you. The broken windshield is removed, all bits of glass are cleared away to keep you and your family safe, and a new windshield is installed on the spot. It is a much safer way of dealing with a common repair problem.