Getting Windshields Repaired Right Away

Replacing A Damaged Windshield In Your Car Or Truck

A broken windshield in your car, truck, or SUV used to mean that the glass had to be replaced. With technology and new polymers, sometimes the glass can be repaired if the damaged is not too bad. In the event that the damage is too great to repair it, replacing the glass means having a professional remove and replace the glass for you. While there are places you can get the tools and seals to do the work, you really need to know what you are doing to get the glass in right and sealed properly.

How Much Damage Is Too Much?

If your windshield has been damaged and you question whether it can be repaired or not, the guideline is that the crack needs to be less than a couple inches across and it can not have any long running cracks off the main break but there is no absolute standard so if you have a small chip, check with the glass shop and see if they can fix it. If it is bigger than that, it most likely means you are going to have to buy a new windshield for your car or truck. If your car is a new model that is not very common yet, you may have to order the glass and wait a few days for it to arrive at the glass shop.

Claiming Your Broken Windshield On Your Insurance

Just like any damage to your car, you will need to file a claim for the damage to the glass and see what the insurance company is going to pay. Often the insurance company will have a high deductible for glass breakage because it is so common. If you have a five hundred dollar deductible, and the glass is three hundred and fifty dollars installed, it does not make sense to file a claim. While it is not always the case, many insurance companies have higher deductibles on glass than on other parts of the car. The glass is more commonly damaged that other parts of the car so keeping the deductible high on it, helps to reduce the benefit payouts for glass damage.

Convenience And Mobile Repairs

One of the greatest thing that has come out of the automotive glass industry in recent years is the mobile repair service. It is becoming more common to have the glass company come to you then you taking the car to them. It was not always like that but the days of sitting in the waiting room for several hours while the glass is replaced are quickly coming to an end. Mobile repair can be done in your driveway at home, while you are at work, or even if you are at an event where your car will be parked for several hours. Keep in mind though, a crowded parking lot is a hard place for the tech to work so park out away from the other cars in the lot if you can. Meet the tech on time, and he will call you when the work is complete.

Contact a windshield replacement company for more help.